Stakeholder Request

Hi all,

As you are hopefully aware I was appointed to the position of Strategic Asset Planning Co-ordinator in November last year, and have been given the task of co-ordinating the development of Council's Asset Management Plans.

I have set up templates for each Asset Management Plan using Sharepoint, and have started populating the plans with some basic information.

One of the things I want/need to do next, is to etablish which people know which things about which asset classes, so that I can pick their brains for information about;

1. Existing documents & information
2. Asset hierarchies
3. Asset quantities
4. Why we have the assets
5. Our current asset maintenance, renewal, construction & management practices.
6. Our current and desirable service levels
7. The value and condition of our assets
8. The amount we are spending and need to spend on our assets.

I have

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