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  • Plant and Equipment is an asset class representing mechanical equipment owned and/or operated by council. Sub-groups within the class are to be Passenger Vehicles, Commercial Vehicles, Heavy Plant and Minor Plant and Equipment.

Plant and equipment assets are currently recorded in eight sub-groups and should be rationalised to the proposed sub-group in conjunction with a stocktake.
Quantity Recorded in the Asset Module are:
219 Passenger vehicles
87 Commercial vehicles
177 items of Minor Plant and Equipment and
108 items of Heavy Plant
The actual quantities currently in use is significantly less than these quantities as the Authority module does not make provision to define the status of assets as being in-service or disposed of. A recent stock-take of Minor Plant will be used to update the Authority records.
Value $4.8 million historical cost.
Asset Condition Plant and equipment does not have individual condition rating. However, as these assets are either replaced within a few years or are maintained in good condition by Council workshops, it is expected that the overall condition of the class is very good.
Data Protocol
Key register All Plant and Equipment are registered in the Asset Module for the purpose of keeping a register and for AAS27 reporting. Vehicles and Heavy Plant are also recorded in the Plant Module to utilise that module functionality such as Usage, Income, Expenses, and Hire Rates. The Plant and asset Modules are linked such that an item has the same number in both systems.
Minor Plant and Equipment is only recorded in the Asset Module.
Data use for AM Work orders are created on plant in the Plant Module for reactive maintenance and scheduled maintenance and vehicle servicing.
Data maintenance protocol The Financial Accountant is responsible for recording all assets in this class in the assets register. The Purchasing Officer is to provide details on purchased assets. For vehicles, the Operations Business Support Officer advises the Accounting Services Officer when vehicle assets are acquired and disposed.
Financial Provisions Plant replacement costs are progressively funded from the Plant Reserve through the plant hire process.
Levels of service
• Cost effective purchase and disposal of Council’s vehicles, mechanical plant and equipment
• Provision of safe and reliable vehicle for Council operations
• Management of all legislative and regulatory requirements pertaining to Council’s vehicle fleet
Provision of efficient service and repair services for Council’s vehicles, mechanical plant and equipment in accordance with manufacturer standards and warranty.
Links to Strategies & Plans Council Vehicle Policy.
Legislative driver licence and registration requirements.
Future Demand No forward demand mechanism applies to Plant and Equipment
Maintained by Maintenance Standards
Levels of expenditure The Fleet Management & Maintenance Team provides the functions of Fleet Management and Maintenance Services to Council
Fleet Management:
• Plant Management
• Vehicle, Plant and Equipment, Purchase and Disposal
• Fuel Management
• Accident Repair Management
Renewal of Motor Vehicle Registration and RACV Membership
Fleet Maintenance
Operational Management and Administration of Mechanical Workshop Functions Fleet Maintenance Services.
Plant and equipment is maintained by Council Workshops. Servicing and repairs of plant is scheduled using the Authority Work Order System.
Vehicles are serviced in accordance with manufacturer’s manuals/handbooks.
The annual plant operating and maintenance cost is $1,015,630. The plant recovery depreciation and return on investment of $801,595 is not included within the operating and maintenance costs.
Risk Management Plant Operators Complete Daily Plant Sheets
Plant items are randomly audited on a monthly basis.
Staff are provided with driver training for both heavy and passenger vehicles.
Staff members have been issued with plant and equipment operation manuals providing instruction for the correct and safe use of individual items of equipment.
Vehicle services and repairs are performed via Councils Work Order System, recording the maintenance history of each individual plant item.
Suggested Plan improvements

1. Undertake stocktake of all plant and equipment checking against current records. Responsibility
Operations Engineer
Compl Date
December 03

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