Furniture Equipment

Definition Furniture and equipment are assets purchased/leased to enable Council to function in provision of its services. As such they are used principally by staff and are not assets that directly deliver a service to the community.
Assets in this class are individually identified and accounted for in the Authority Asset module. Sub groups comprise Office Furniture, Recreation, Traffic, Electrical and MCH equipment.
Quantity There are 745 items of equipment registered. The register also includes disposed items and therefore a stock-take is required to ensure the register’s accuracy.
Value $2 million historical cost.
Asset Condition There is no process for assessing the condition of furniture and equipment. However as this type of asset is either replaced due to obsolescence or is kept in good condition by users, it is expected that the overall condition of the class is very good.
Key Assumptions IT equipment has been removed from this asset class and has a separate AMP.
Data Protocol
Key register All furniture and equipment is registered in the Authority Asset module as Subtypes of Asset Type 30. The data is not viewed or used in any other system.
Items of equipment with a unit value of $500 or more are recorded in the asset Register.
Implementation of Barcoding audit is required to audit the existence and location of equipment. It is proposed to attach a barcode to all equipment and to then use a barcode reader to complete a stocktake of the equipment as well as update Authority Asset Register with the location of the items. See Item I in Suggested Plan Improvements
Data use for AM The data is used for AAS27 reporting and for accounting for the assets in terms of what is owned or leased, where they are located and who is responsible for them.
Data maintenance protocol The Financial Accountant is responsible for recording all assets in this class in the assets register. The Purchasing Officer provides details on purchased equipment to the Financial Accountant.
Financial Provisions A corporate account exists in the New Works and a budget of approximately $100,000 per year is provided for the purchase of new and the replacement of general office equipment and furniture.
Funding Strategy No external funding is available for these assets.
Levels of service Furniture and equipment is to be in good serviceable condition, if not it is replaced.
Links to Strategies & Plans N/A
Future Demand Future projections are determined from year to year.
Maintenance of equipment is organised by the Purchasing Officer. The work is carried out by contractors via maintenance agreements/warranty.
Practices, Policies & Standards N/A
Risk Management Any risks associated with general office furniture and equipment is monitored by the Risk Management Co-ordinator. OH&S issues are considered in the purchase, maintenance and replacement of these assets.
Suggested Plan Improvements
Asset register
1. Implement barcode auditing to improve stock control of furniture and equipment. Process to assist capture of new assets, determine location of existing assets and disposal of assets..
2. Enhance the Assets module to define assets status of as being in-service or disposed. Responsibility
Financial Accountant

IT/Civica Compl Date
February 04

Depends on Civica

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