What I believe
  1. Consultants are pushing the IPWEA to push State Governments to push complex Asset Management practices on Councils, so that they can pick up consulting work.
  2. State Governments shouldn't madate that Councils adopt particular Asset Management practices, until they have first implemented them in-house, and found them to be genuinely useful.
  3. There are a number of technological innovations coming that will radically change the way Councils manage assets in the next couple of decades.
  4. Wikis are a fantastic way to document asset related information.
  5. Creative Commons Copyright is very important.
  6. Knowledge is continually lost from local governement, because experienced people leave with out documenting their knowledge in a way that will make it accessible to their replacements and the organisation in general.
  7. An open standard for asset data would be of great benefit to Councils.
  8. Councils should share knowledge and ideas with each other more freely.
  9. An improvement system should be capble of improving itself.

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