Consolidated Asset Useful Life Table


Asset Type Useful Life
[[Bridge of very low construction Standard]] 40 years
[[Ornamental Type Bridge with Pipe or Box Culvert underneath]] 80 Years
[[Bridge of Full Reinforced Concrete Construction]] 100 years
[[Bridge of Reinforced Concrete Construction with Steel Stringers]] 100 years
[[Bridge Reinforced Concrete or Stone Foundations Steel Beams and Timber deck]] 100 years
[[Bridge of Full Reinforced Concrete Construction - T-Beam Type]] 100 years
[[Bridge of Full Reinforced Concrete Construction - U-Slab Type]] 100 years
[[Major Culvert - Precast RC Box Culvert]] 80 years
[[Major Culvert - Crown Unit Type]] 100 years
[[Major Culvert - Crown Unit Type with Substantial additional Deck Work]] 100 years
[[Ornamental type bridge with small pipe or Box culverts underneath]] 80 years
[[Major Culvert - Large Precast RC Pipe]] 80 Years
[[Footbridge of High overall construction Standard]] 80 years
[[Footbridge of Low overall construction Standard]] 25 years
[[Footbridge of Medium overall construction Standard]] 40 Years
  • [[Bridge Useful Lives]]


Asset Type Useful Life
[[Stormwater Pipes]] 100 Years
[[Stormwater Pits]] 100 Years
[[Box Culverts]] 100 Years
  • [[Stormwater Asset Useful Lives]]

Reserve Assets

Asset Type Useful Life
[[Playground Equipment]] 15 years
[[Tennis Courts]] 20 years
[[Sports Fields (Basketball, Netball, Bocce, etc.)]] 50 years
[[Lawn Bowls]] 50 years
[[Cricket Pitches]] 15 years
[[Sports Goals]] 20 years
[[Sports Nets]] 10 years
[[Irrigation Systems]] 20 years
[[Bollards]] 15 years
[[Litter Bins]] 50 years
[[Paths]] 20 years
[[Monuments]] 100 years
[[Barbeques]] 20 years
[[Shelters]] 20 years
[[Tables]] 10 years
[[Seats]] 20 years
[[Drinking Fountains]] 20 years
[[Bike Racks]] 25 years
[[Flag Poles & Lighting]] 20 years
[[Landscaping]] 20 years
[[Playground Equipment]] 15 years
[[Light Poles]] 20 years
[[Lanterns]] 20 years
  • [[Reserve Asset Useful Lives]]


Asset Type Useful Life
[[Sealed Road Pavement]] 120 Years
[[Reinforced Concrete Pavement]] 80 Years
[[Patterned Concrete Paving]] 60 Years
[[Mass Concrete Pavement]] 80 Years
[[Pavers]] 40 Years
[[Gravel Resheet]] 15 Years
[[Asphalt Overlay]] 20 Years
[[Asphalt with Brick Paving]] 40 Years
[[Asphalt with a SAMI]] 25 Years
[[Foamed Asphalt]] 12 Years
[[Ultra Thin Asphalt]] 15 Years
[[Sprayed Seal]] 12 Years
[[Primmerseal]] 2 Years
  • [[Road Asset Useful Lives]]

Telecommunication Assets

Asset Type Useful Life
[[Telecommunication Conduits]] 50 Years
[[Telecommunication Pits]] 50 Years
  • [[Telecommunication Asset Useful Lives]]
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