Definition Conduits are provided in new subdivisions for the purpose of installing telecommunication cabling. The conduits are acquired through subdivision development as Council assets. It is intended that telecommunication companies will install and own cabling in the conduits. The conduits will not be individually identified and registered in the Asset Module but will be depicted in GIS.
There are very few of these assets in existence as they only came into existence in July 2002
Key Assumptions Conduits are considered to be similar to drains, being underground networked assets acquired through the subdivision process and therefore the means of capturing them will be the same.
Data Protocol
Key register The GIS will be the key register of conduits for the purpose of graphically depicting their location. As new assets are created, the data will be captured in the GIS.
Whittlesea Council is currently involved with a project to obtain digital drainage data from the developers to directly up-load to the GIS and to avoid translation from hard copy plans to the GIS. Conduit data will also be incorporated into this project.
Data use for AM The prime use of the data stored in the GIS is for display of location. The data in the GIS is to be also used for asset valuation.
Work Orders Work on conduits is expected to be minimal in the foreseeable future. If work is required the Work Order will be linked to the nearest property to the asset and a Work Order Category re-presenting conduit activities will be assigned to each Work Order.
Financial Provisions
As assets are acquired from developers there is no financial provision for new assets required.
Provision for replacement is not applicable for an estimated 70 years
Funding Strategy State Government funding has been obtained to fund the development of a policy that will make use of the conduits attractive to telecommunication carriers.
Levels of service Provision of one conduit per property made available through greenfield development
Links to Strategies & Plans The Planning scheme and policy have been amended to include conduits as a mandatory provision by developers.
Guidelines and a standard are in draft form.
Future Demand Demand for future assets principally relates to new subdivision activity where conduits are constructed by developers as part of the road network.
Maintenance Maintenance will be the responsibility of the telecommunication carrier. The maintenance agreements are proposed to be short term contracts so as to not allow the assets to be run down due to lack of maintenance.
Risk Management Conduits are principally below ground except for connection pits (approximately one per four properties) and therefore pose minimal public risk

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