There are in excess of 200 road and pedestrian bridges located throughout the City of Whittlesea.

Bridge Listing

ID Name
BR1 Donnybrook Road VicRoads Bridge
BR2 Glenburnie Road No.1 Barbers Creek Bridge
BR3 Glenburnie Road No.2 Barbers Creek Bridge
BR4 Glenburnie Road No.3 Barbers Creek Bridge
BR5 Grants Road Barbers Creek Bridge
BR6 Grants Road No.1 Barbers Creek Tributary Bridge
BR7 Grants Road No.2 Barbers Creek Tributary Bridge
BR8 Bridge Inn Road Plenty River Bridge
BR9 Findon Road Findon Creek Road Bridge
BR10 Towts Road Bruces Creek Bridge
BR11 Bruces Creek Road No.2 Bridge
BR12 Beveridge Road Merri Creek Bridge
BR13 Humevale Road No.2 Scrubby Creek Bridge
BR14 Thomas Road Scrubby Creek Bridge
BR15 Whittlesea-Yea Road Scrubby Creek Tributary Bridge
BR16 Whittlesea-Yea Road No.2 Scrubby Creek Bridge
BR17 Whittlesea-Yea Road Aquaduct Crossing
BR18 Whittlesea-Yea Road No.1 Scrubby Creek Bridge
BR19 Whittlesea-Yea Road Plenty River Bridge
BR20 Whittlesea-Yea Road Bruces Creek Bridge?
BR21 Cades Road Plenty River Bridge
BR22 Cades Road Melbourne Water Aquaduct Bridge
BR23 Dunnetts Road Aquaduct Crossing
BR24 Dunnetts Road Melbourne Water Overflow Crossing
BR25 Reservoir Road Plenty River Bridge
BR26 Donnybrook Road VicRoads Bridge
BR27 Donnybrook Road VicRoads Bridge
BR28 Donnybrook Road VicRoads Bridge
BR29 Arthurs Creek Road Plenty River Bridge
BR30 Plenty Road VicRoads Bridge
BR31 Plenty Road Plenty River Tributary Bridge
BR32 Masons Road Darebin Creek Bridge
BR33 Disused Bridge Inn Road Magpie Bridge
BR34 Bridge Inn Road Darebin Creek Bridge
BR35 Boundary Road Darebin Creek Tributary Bridge
BR36 Summerhill Road Merri Creek Bridge
BR37 Craigieburn Road VicRoads Bridge
BR38 Lehmanns Road Findon Creek Bridge
BR39 Lehmanns Road Findon Creek Tributary Bridge
BR40 Epping Road Darebin Creek Bridge
BR41 Epping Road Findon Creek Bridge
BR42 Tesselar Road Edgars Creek Footbridge
BR43 Harvest Home Road Findon Creek Culvert
BR44 Findon Road Darebin Creek Road Bridge
BR45 McDonalds Road Darebin Creek Bridge
BR46 Hendersons Road Darebin Creek Bridge
BR47 McKimmies Road Darebin Creek Bridge
BR48 Kingsway Drive Edgars Creek Bridge
BR49 Robert Street Edgars Creek Bridge
BR50 German Lane Edgars Creek Bridge
BR51 Main Street Edgars Creek Bridge
BR52 Spring Street Edgars Creek Bridge
BR53 Settlement Road Darebin Creek Road Bridge
BR54 Greenbrook Drive Darebin Creek Bridge
BR55 Cooper Street Merri Creek Bridge
BR56 Mahoneys Road VicRoads Bridge
BR57 Wallan Road
BR58 Bruces Creek Road Yarra Creek Tributary Bridge
BR59 Mahoneys Road VicRoads Bridge
BR60 Mahoneys Road VicRoads Bridge
BR61 Wildwood Road No.1 Culvert
BR62 McLeans Road Darebin Creek Bridge
BR63 Childs Road Darebin Creek Bridge
BR64 Bridge Inn Road Darebin Creek Tributary Bridge
BR65 McDonalds Road VicRoads Bridge
BR66 Cooper Street VicRoads Bridge
BR67 Cooper Street VicRoads Bridge
BR68 Settlement Road Darebin Creek Footbridge
BR69 Wallan Road
BR70 Whittlesea Showgrounds
BR71 Goding Court North Lane Bridge
BR72 Narina Way Walkway Footbridge
BR73 Metropolitan Ring Road Plenty Road Overpass
BR74 Metropolitan Ring Road Tasman Drive Overpass
BR75 Metropolitan Ring Road Darebin Creek Bridge
BR76 Findon Road Hendersons Creek Bridge
BR77 Gorge Road Bridge
BR78 McDonalds Road VicRoads Bridge
BR79 Plowman Court Hendersons Creek Road Bridge
BR80 Thomas Street Reserve Edgars Creek Footbridge
BR81 Humevale Road No.1 Scrubby Creek Bridge
BR82 Bruces Creek Road No.1 Bridge
BR83 Halls Road Plenty River West Branch Culvert
BR84 Wildwood Road Bruces Creek Bridge
BR85 Wildwood Road No.2 Culvert
BR86 Reservoir Road Plenty River Anabranch Bridge
BR87 Red Oaks Way No.1 Culvert
BR88 Lakes Boulevard No.2 Hendersons Creek Bridge
BR89 Jardier Terrace Hendersons Creek Bridge
BR90 Darius Terrace Hendersons Creek Bridge
BR91 Henderson Creek Wetland Footbridge
BR92 Lakes Boulevard No.1 Hendersons Creek Bridge
BR93 Meridian Drive Hendersons Creek Bridge
BR94 The Strand Hendersons Creek Bridge
BR95 Gordons Road Hendersons Creek Bridge
BR96 Brookwood Avenue Laurimar Drain Bridge
BR97 Botanica Park Footbridge
BR98 Flaxen Hills Road Laurimar Wetlands Bridge
BR99 Great Eastern Way Hendersons Creek Bridge
BR100 Growling Frog No.1 Barbers Creek Footbridge
BR101 Growling Frog No.2 Barbers Creek Footbridge
BR102 Whittlesea Public Gardens Footbridge
BR103 Blau Street Park Footbridge
BR104 Vista Park Hendersons Creek Footbridge
BR105 Vista Park Boardwalk
BR106 Civic Centre No.1 Footbridge
BR107 Civic Centre No.2 Footbridge
BR108 Thomastown East Recreation Reserve Boardwalk
BR109 Thomastown East Recreation Reserve No.1 Minor Footbridge
BR110 Thomastown East Recreation Reserve No.2 Minor Footbridge
BR111 Thomastown East Recreation Reserve No.3 Minor Footbridge
BR112 Darebin Creek Trail Ring Road Drain Footbridge
BR113 Foothills Park Boardwalk
BR114 Laurimar Drainage Reserve Fenwick Street Footbridge
BR115 Laurimar Drainage Reserve No.1 Boardwalk
BR116 Laurimar Drainage Reserve No.2 Boardwalk
BR117 Mill Park Reserve No.1 Minor Footbridge
BR118 Mill Park Reserve No.2 Minor Footbridge
BR119 Mill Park Reserve No.3 Minor Footbridge
BR120 Mill Park Reserve No.4 Minor Footbridge
BR121 Mill Park Reserve No.5 Minor Footbridge
BR122 Mill Park Reserve No.6 Minor Footbridge
BR123 Mill Park Reserve Triangular Boardwalk
BR124 Mill Park Reserve No.7 Minor Footbridge
BR125 Mill Park Reserve No.8 Minor Footbridge
BR126 Norris Bank Reserve No.1 Boardwalk
BR127 Norris Bank Reserve No.2 Boardwalk
BR128 Redleap Reserve No.4 Minor Footbridge
BR129 Redleap Reserve No.1 Minor Footbridge
BR130 Redleap Reserve No.2 Minor Footbridge
BR131 Redleap Reserve No.3 Minor Footbridge
BR132 Redleap Reserve No.1 Pier
BR133 Redleap Reserve No.2 Pier
BR134 Riverside Reserve Viewing Platform
BR135 Riverside Reserve Footbridge
BR136 Twin River Drive to Needletail Crescent Hendersons Creek Footbridge
BR137 WA Smith Reserve Darebin Creek Footbridge
BR138 Watery Gully Park Footbridge
BR139 Goding Court South Lane Bridge
BR140 Findon Road Darebin Creek Footbridge
BR141 Findon Road Findon Creek Footbridge
BR142 Woolnough Drive Hendersons Creek Bridge
BR143 Whittlesea Showgrounds No.1 Footbridge
BR144 Whittlesea Showgrounds No.2 Footbridge
BR145 Whittlesea Showgrounds No.3 Footbridge
BR146 Whittlesea Showgrounds Vehicular Bridge
BR147 Harvest Home Road Viewbank Boulevard Culvert
BR148 Greenhills Road Darebin Creek Footbridge
BR149 Findon Creek Park Darebin Creek Bridge
BR150 Findon Creek Park Findon Creek Bridge
BR151 Anglers Drive Footbridge
BR152 Hayston Boulevard Findon Creek Bridge
BR153 Porsche Park Darebin Creek Bridge
BR154 Plowman Court Hendersons Creek Footbridge
BR155 Mernda Village Drive Conservation Reserve Bridge
BR156 Sumner Drive Mernda Creek Bridge
BR157 Skeeter Drive Mernda Creek Bridge
BR158 Shearwater Place Simon Creek Bridge
BR159 Waterview Drive Simon Creek Bridge
BR160 Riverdale Boulevard Simon Creek Bridge
BR161 Barmah Drive Bridge
BR162 Oakbank Boulevard Black Flat Drainage Channel Bridge
BR163 Wilton Vale Road Wilton Vale Creek Bridge
BR164 Leonardo Drive Bridge
BR165 Hazel Glen Drive Plenty River Bridge
BR166 Woodland Waters Simon Creek Footbridge
BR167 Eliot Avenue Laurimar Wetland Bridge
BR168 Laurimar Wetlands No.1 Footbridge
BR169 Laurimar Wetlands No.2 Footbridge
BR170 Laurimar Wetlands No.3 Footbridge
BR171 Campaspe Drive Black Flat Drainage Channel Bridge
BR172 Painted Hills Road No.1 Laurimar Wetlands Bridge
BR173 Painted Hills Road No.2 Laurimar Wetlands Bridge
BR174 Linacre Drive Janefield Wetland Bridge
BR175 Pine Park Wetland Findon Creek Bridge
BR176 Growling Frog 4th Tee Boardwalk
BR177 Growling Frog 8th Tee Boardwalk
BR178 Hillsview Recreation Reserve Footbridge
3077 Red Oaks Park Footbridge
3082 Mitchells Run Bridge
3083 Mitchells Run Park No.1 Boardwalk
3084 Mitchells Run Park No.2 Boardwalk
3085 Mitchells Run Park No.3 Boardwalk
3086 Mitchells Run Park No.4 Boardwalk
3087 Mitchells Run Park No.5 Boardwalk
3088 Mill Park Lakes Recreation Reserve Boardwalk
3089 Maserati Park Findon Creek Tributary Brdige
3090 Jorgensen Park No.1 Boardwalk
3091 Jorgensen Park No.2 Boardwalk
3092 Childs Road E6 Drain Footbridge
3093 Quarry Hills Park Observation Deck
3094 Whittlesea Public Gardens Observation Deck
3095 Botanica Park Pier
3096 Serle Wetland Park Footbridge
3097 Serle Wetland Park No.1 Observation Deck
3098 Delacombe Park Footbridge
3099 Mernda Creek Linear Park No.1 Boardwalk
3100 Mernda Creek Linear Park No.2 Boardwalk
3101 Lyndarum Drive Deck
3102 Mernda Creek Linear Park Footbridge
3103 Serle Wetland Park No.2 Observation Deck
3104 Black Flat Linear Park Footbridge
3105 Greig Drive Boardwalk
3106 Stoneyfield Park Observation Deck
3107 Mernda Villages Wetland No.1 Footbridge
3108 Mernda Villages Wetland No.2 Footbridge
3109 Mernda Villages Wetland No.3 Footbridge
3110 Mernda Villages Wetland No.4 Footbridge
3111 Mernda Villages Wetland Observation Deck
3112 Daylesford Park Boardwalk
3113 Spotted Frog Park Boardwalk
3114 Mill Park Lakes Recreation Reserve No.1 Boardwalk
3115 Mill Park Lakes Recreation Reserve No.2 Boardwalk
3116 Simon Creek Wetland No.1 Footbridge
3117 Simon Creek Wetland No.2 Footbridge
3118 Simon Creek Wetland No.3 Footbridge
3119 Chatsworth Park No.1 Boardwalk
3120 Chatsworth Park No.2 Boardwalk
3121 Mernda Creek Linear Park Footbridge
3122 Janefield Wetland Footbridge
3123 Bidgee Rise Footbridge
3124 Viewgrand Wetland Footbridge
3125 Towerhill Park Boardwalk
3126 Princeton Park Boardwalk
3127 Jindabyne Park Footbridge
3128 Wilton Vale Creek Park Footbridge
3129 Hazel Glen Drive Deck
3130 Lauries Field Boardwalk
3131 Gammage Park Deck
3132 Wilton Vale Wetland Footbridge
3133 Gillwell Park Deck
3134 Laurimar Wetlands Footbridge
3135 Laurimar Wetlands Boardwalk
3136 Laurimar Wetlands No.1 Deck
3137 Laurimar Wetlands No.2 Deck
3138 Simon Creek Wetland Boardwalk
3139 Lyndarum Wetland Footbridge
3140 Mirrabucca Walkway Footbridge
3141 Princeton Park Deck
3142 Painted Hills Road
3143 Mernda Villages Wetland No.5 Footbridge
3144 Mernda Villages Wetland No.6 Footbridge

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