Asset Management System

The ability to serve web-pages.

The ability to generate ad-hoc queries containing basic and calculated fields.

The ability to create and name an unlimited number of data output templates, that define how the output of a query is to be displayed, including; the location, size, colour and font of all text, and the size of the page.

The ability to auto-generate a simple default data output template for all queries.

The ability to render all queries as web-pages, with a unique url that defines both the content of the query and the data output template used to format the page.

The ability to pass the data needed to generate a query to the system via a url typed into a browser.

The ability to modify an auto-generated data output template.

The ability to include images, and other standard web-content within data output templates using either HTML tags or a built in markup language.

Ability to include multiple templates in a single page.

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