The City of Whittlesea Art and Heritage Collection comprises works of art and/or items of historical interest that are either acquired by, or donated to, Council. Artworks include paintings and/ or memorabilia located in Municipal buildings, collections that are displayed for public viewing and works that are located outdoors (defined as Public Art).
Assets in this class are (or will be) individually identified and accounted for in the Authority Asset module. Sub groups are Paintings, Sculpture and Photographs Collections, Public Art and John Borrack Bequest.
Collection assets and public art are currently not recorded in the Asset Module but should be captured. A stocktake of public art, collections and artworks is required to update the register with exact quantities and details and this will take place during the 2003/2004 financial year.

Quantitative Data

As of 2003 there were 110 paintings, one sculpture and one photograph included within the artworks register.


$242,000 - historical cost of the registered items.

Asset Condition

The process for assessing the condition of artworks and collections is to carry out a Conditional Report on each of the works in the Collection. An initial Conditional Report was completed for the John Borrack Bequest in June 03. Conditional Reports on the remainder of the City of Whittlesea Art and Heritage Collection, including the Public Art Collection will be completed during the 2003 / 2004 financial year.
As the paintings, sculptures and photographs in the City of Whittlesea Art and Heritage Collection are relatively new and kept in environments conducive to maintaining the works in good condition, it is expected that the overall condition of this class is very good.
The exception to this assessment would be public art that may use materials that could deteriorate with exposure to weather conditions and the John Borrack Bequest which will be touring to a variety of galleries over the next few years.

Key Assumptions

Artworks as assets are not treated in the traditional asset sense in terms of needing to manage whole of life costs, provision for replacement or upgrade etc. Therefore this AMP is principally structured around knowing what assets exist and how the assets are kept secure and in good condition.

Data Protocol

All artworks are registered in the Authority Asset module. Public Art items are detailed in GIS and provided with an Authority asset component number.

Data use for AM

All artworks and collection assets data will be used for AAS27 reporting and for accounting for the assets in terms of what is owned or leased, where they are located and who is responsible for them.
Public art items are displayed in GIS for the purpose of maintenance. They are also defined as components of the parks in Authority Asset module for the purpose of managing Work Orders.

Data maintenance protocol

The Arts and Cultural Development Team Leader is to provide details of purchased or acquired assets to the Financial Accountant who is responsible for recording all assets in this class in the assets register.
If elected members acquire artwork, Executive Services staff are to provide the details of the acquisition to the Arts and Cultural Development Team Leader who is to ensure that the Asset Module is updated accordingly.
AAS27 reporting


An art valuer determines the value of an artwork at the time of acquisition. The purpose of this valuation is insurance, however, the same value can be used for current replacement value. The City of Whittlesea Art and Heritage Collection needs to be re-valued every five years to maintain a close connection with changing market prices.

Method of determining depreciation

Straight-line depreciation based on replacement value and remaining life. The Authority asset module is used to calculate depreciation (monthly). However, in reality some of the works in the City of Whittlesea Art and Heritage Collection will appreciate depending on the development of the artists career status and the demand for their work. This needs to be monitored on a yearly basis.

Future Demand

Some demand, especially for public art, emanates from the need for community development projects. These projects have several years lead time as a result of this process. It is proposed that the City of Whittlesea Art and Heritage Collection Advisory Committee will assess the strength of the existing Collection and advise on the future direction of the Collection.


The Arts and Cultural Development Unit has limited funds to maintain the City of Whittlesea Art and Heritage Collection, including the John Borrack Bequest, and will utilise appropriately skilled external agencies to do so.
Public Art schemes must be maintained by the artist who created the work. If this person is unavailable, then other options can be utilised in consultation with the original artist. A Public Art Maintenance Schedule will be developed when the City of Whittlesea Art and Heritage Collection Policy is completed (2003/2004).
An allocation for the maintenance of all artworks does not currently exist but is required for the future preservation of all these assets.

Practices, Policies & Standards

The City of Whittlesea Art and Heritage Collection Policy is to be completed during the 2003 / 2004 financial year.

Risk Management

The John Borrack Bequest is stored with a specialised agency and transported to public galleries with an agency specialised in the handling of fine art. Initial Condition Reports have been completed for the 40 works and each work is assessed against this report each time the work is relocated or stored. The risk of damage and theft is therefore minimised.
The John Borrack Bequest is insured when in storage and when travelling. A Loan Agreement is being developed which will be utilised when the John Borrack Bequest visits other galleries.

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